One of the benefits of riding/racing with Team Oregon is having access to some pretty sweet deals from our awesome sponsors. In particular, I just ordered a couple of my favorite products to help fuel my training rides this spring:

  • Nuun Active: Effervescent tabs that add electrolytes to your water without adding (much) additional sugars, etc. I love having my electrolytes be separate from my fuel, because the balance that I want between the two is going to vary a lot depending on the specifics of the ride/event and the weather that day. There are a few companies out there with products like this, but Nuun is the only one I’ve used that manages to avoid making my water taste like it has a bunch of unnatural chemicals in it (at least with my favorite strawberry-lemonade flavor.)

  • Honey Stinger Waffles: Honey Stinger has a range of products to help replenish calories during a ride. I just ordered a box of my favorite: the chocolate waffles. What I like about these is that they have a little more substance to them than a gel—which keeps my stomach happy on long, endurance rides this time of year—but they are still moist enough to be easy to chew and swallow without needing to take a sip from your bottle after every bite.

Disclosure: These are my honest opinions on these products; I wouldn’t praise them if I didn’t actually use and enjoy them. Members of Team Oregon do get a nice discount on these products (regardless of whether we post about them or not), but I receive no compensation or free products for this. I’m just showing some love for our sponsors to encourage them to keep partnering with our team.