John Wilger

John lives in a rural town outside of Portland, Oregon—with his wife, their five children, and two dogs—where he enjoys racing his bicycle (though, admittedly, not very fast) for Team Oregon, camping, hiking, cooking delicious food, and playing games with his kids.

John has been developing software professionally since 1999, and managing teams of developers since 2010. He is a proponent of agile software development, although his definition of agile is not limited to any specific process.

Front Matter

This website is mainly composed using Markdown and (primarily) vim, published with Jekyll, and hosted on GitHub. You are welcome to have a peak at the site’s source code, but keep in mind that all of the site’s posts and page content is Copyright ©2009 John Wilger, All Rights Reserved.

The layout and color scheme is just a hacked up version of Jekyll’s default theme; I should probably overhaul it a some point, because it’s kind of a mess.