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Switched to Octopress

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Sometimes it seems the only time I post to my website anymore is when I decide to switch out the software that’s used to publish years-old articles. :-(

At any rate, I’m switching over to Octopress to run this site, because a) it’s the new awesome, and b) maybe I’ll spend more time writing articles if I’m not trying to tweak my home-grown blogging engine while I do it. I chose Octopress because it has the parts I like about jekyll (I get to write my posts in vim and eaisly manage the content with git), but it has more of the rough edges smoothed out (again, so I can spend my time writing articles instead of working on the engine.)

As part of this, I’m also moving the site from Heroku to Github Pages. Nothing at all wrong with Heroku; it’s just one fewer thing for me to deal with.

I’m now going to port over old articles (a much easier task than last time, since the last version of this site was also using markdown-formatted text files.) The comment system was already on Disqus before, so hopefully I can figure out how to get the old comments associated with the new URLs.