• Best Chili Recipe Ever

    I’ve had a few requests to share this chili recipe from time to time; most likely because everyone who has ever had it subsequently decides it is the best chili they have ever had. Giving credit where it’s due, this is based on Alton Brown’s chili recipe from his book, I’m Just Here for the Food, but modified to my own tastes. The sauce is rich and spicy, although it’s a nice, even keel that doesn’t get hotter and hotter with each bite.

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  • Kookaburra 0.24.0 Released; Exorcised ActiveSupport

    I just released version 0.24.0 of Kookaburra to While there were no changes to Kookaburra’s API with this release, it is a minor release rather than a patch release, because I removed ActiveSupport from Kookaburra’s dependencies. Previously, Kookaburra depended on ActiveSupport >= 3.0, and this prevented it from working smoothly with Rails 2.x applications (at least in the same Bundler bundle.) Since Kookaburra only used a small fraction of ActiveSupport, it seemed easiest just to break the dependency, so that your application can use whatever version of ActiveSupport it needs.

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  • tmux and the OSX Clipboard

    I started using tmux recently after a) I was informed that GNU screen is basically an outdated POS, and b) an excellent book on the subject was published. I’m glad to have made the switch, as tmux is a wonderful improvement over screen. However, on OSX, I found that the pbcopy and pbpaste commands (among other things) would no longer work from within a tmux session.

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  • Kookaburra Rewrite for 0.15.1

    After getting some good feedback on Kookaburra since the original release announcement as well as using it in a few more projects, Sam and I decided to treat all of the versions prior to 0.15.0 as a spike and rewrite the framework from the ground up. Although we certainly learned a lot about the approach with the pre-0.15 versions, the problems with continuing to grow Kookaburra from that seed became apparent as we tried to use it in more applications.

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  • Using Jeweler for Private Gems

    I really like using Jeweler to create and manage gems, but its default behavior is to publish your gem to whenever you run rake release. This is great for generally useful libraries that you want to open-source, but not as great when you want to use gems as shared libraries for internal use only (whether because the code contains business secrets or just because it’s not something that would be useful to the community at large.)

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